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Energy Vibration Rate Realm

Possible times you may benefit from:-  


Electro Magnetic Resonance

QLink Pendant

Everything has electro-magnetic energy. Somethings more than others. Meridians are electro-magnetic. We can affect them through the electro-magnetic field.  Information patterns are reflected in the electro-magnetic field.  We can rewrite these patterns in the e.m.field and change the electro-magnetic flow. We use this technique in the degaussing of the Blue-Print.  You may need this when you have run out of options or you are just plain stuck in a rut. 

 Stomach Meridian


Crystal / Mineral Resonance

Crystal Heart www.ilikecrystals.co.uk


You might need the energy vibration rate of Crystal & Gem stones when you need to borrow their energy for a big dynamic push forward, a short sharp push (a kick up them back side from the universe).  Crystals have a habit of showing up when you need them and moving on when you've finished.

Excellent for Past Life Issues as the time-scale of minerals is vast - think of Eons of time. They hold memories of physical time/pressure/heat.

Water Resonance 

 If there is one thing you need to learn to live - learn that water carries resonance. Give yourself 45mins to change your understanding of everything or remember what you already know but have forgotten to act upon. Watch the video on the Left to find out why Love & Gratitude turns your life around.

Always be aware that water carries memory, can get dirty energy, and can be cleaned. View this video to get a grips of this concept.  It is why homeopathic remedies and essences have an effect.  There is much water within us all vibrating to a resonance. What's yours going to be?


Find out more about water & hydration

Plant / herbal Resonance

peach hibiscus

Use herbs, vegetables and crude nutrients when you need chemical support and building up from nutritional imbalances.

 It can take up to six weeks to notice the benifits of a chemical change. Use organic or wild crafted herbs and I suggest following the Blood Type diet for recomended herbs for each Type = O, A, B, AB

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Homeopathic Resonance

Homeopathic Kits

A homeopathic remedy can be made from any of the realms shown to the left , the difference is in the `dilution and succussion' process creating a powerful memory pattern that stimulates and reminds the body area that the remedy relates to. 

Remedies range from affecting the physical, through to the emotional and spiritual aspects. 

The high potencies like LM's and Miasmatic treatments should be worked through with a Homeopath of long standing reputation and skill.  These might be energetic remedies but they can mess a 'healing crisis' up if not prescribed on an individual basis.

* Illness and injury can happen at unpredictable times, often when it may be difficult to get the homoeopathic remedies that you need. But with the Helios range of kits, you can now take all the benefits of potent and effective remedies with you, wherever you go.

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Essence Resonance

Bush Flower Essence chart 1

Bush Flower Essence chart 2

Spirit-in-Nature Flower Essence Chart

Living Tree Orchid Essence Chart

If you are suffering from internal emotional health issues use the Essence Realm for support and clearing.  There are flower essences, tree essences, animal essences, planetary essences, environmental essences and many more. 

See below to understand the differences between a Classical Essence, A Combination Essence, and a Compound Essence. 

Essences can help once you have degaussed your Blue Print so you can feel the energies of the world. Often people start with the flowers of their own country.

FES's Seasons of the Soul are composite flower oils and essences, great for home prescribing and gentle first-aid for children.



 Dandelion Dynamo

Mugwort Moon Magic

Arnica Alleve

St John's Shield Calendula Caress Benediction

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Singles or boxed sets

A lot of people are making and working with Essences and there are ranges from all around the world that are easy to get hold of on the internet. Check for import taxes.

A classical essence is a single vibration rate sourced from a particular flower, gem, mineral, or energy essence of an animal, heavenly body, earth element. Water carries the vibration frequency in its molecular pattern and a little alcohol is used to keep the essence germ free.

A classical essence resonance will be specific to an area of the being, human or animal, including cells, chemical molecules, aura. Essences have previously been used mostly for negative emotional clearing, and a lot of people in England tend to start with the classical Bach Flower Essence for this. These are English plant essences.

Now days, as we research them more, we find essences for a whole range of human problems from emotional through to the physical. Essences can be placed directly under the toungue, dropped in water and sipped, or placed at specific acupunture points, body mapped, bathed in, or sprayed around the room.

A combination essence is where a few of these energy vibrations have been combined for a more multi-system orientated remedy. We live complex lives and it is hard to hear our spirit call through the multitude of daily activities, needs and requirements.

A composite esssence is where an essence or few have been mixed into another carrier such as an essential oil, bathing roducts, salt scrubs etc.  
Findhorn Flower Essence - Sacred Space

Sound / Voice Resonance


Sound work can help with structure, bones, fixed posture, breaking up fixed tissues that have minerals deposits, waking up meridians and balancing over and under energy flows.  Affirmation, song work, sound therapy are powerful healing tools that sweep through the body waking sluggish bodies up.

Sounds Cds available online

 Colour / Chakra (nerve plexus) Resonance

 Aura-Soma Sourcebook 

Use Colour cloth, flowers, paint, Aura-soma, etc when you need to renew your life behaviour and responses to the outside world.  To build a fantastic future you need to change your present state.  Colour has an energetic effect on the endocrine system via the EMF of the main nerve plexus,  The Endocrine glands communicate and instruct the bodily functions via chemical molecules.

<<<< Here are some books on the subject of colour and chakras.

Want a colourful energy helper quick, browse this page to see if something resonates with your need.

Colour / Aura (EMF)Resonance


Our Aura is our energy shield to the outside world. When it is clean, organised, and perforation free, we feel safe. Use Auric balancing when you feel vunerable, or life seems like walking through glue, or someone is continually abusing you, mentally, emotionally, physically or spiritually.

Everything is Resonance