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Do you 'Code Time' as a Possesion; a Commodity; something you can Manufacture; do you think it has a Form, an Energy or Personality of it's own?  Does your Time Code serve you well?  Have you attached past stressful experiences to your Time Code? Are these experiences dictating your attitude towards Time?  Do you want to change Your Time Code.

Step 1 Clear the Past,  Step 2  Build a Fantastic Future,  Step 3 Right Here, Right Now!

First be aware of your thoughts, your language, and your feelings re 'Time'. They are only that - thoughts, words, and learnt responses. They can be changed.

Second remind youself, or learn about:- 

 Body Time

Natural Time

Sidereal Time

Universal Time

United Kingdom

And Third, Get out of that Time Style if it's Killing you.


How Old is This Universe?



Body Time

There are twelve energy pathways, or meridians, in the human body that connect to specific organs in the body. If you are healthy, each organ has a two hour time period when the Qi, or energy, is at its peak in that meridian. The Qi flows cyclically in a clockwise rotation like a wave through the meridians.

The Organ Clock iPhone App

lists the periods in which the organs are at their peak Qi.


Melatonin, Cancer & Cycles & Electric Light